Chadar Aur Char Diwari: Virtual Edition

Islamabad, December 8, 2012: Online abuse meted out to women, while exposing Pakistani patriarchy and its mindless violence, serves to reinforce the traditional chadar aur chaar di

She's begging to be raped – Twitterverse for Feminists in Pakistan!

Islamabad, December 03, 2012: ‘She's begging to be raped.’ That's the response that many feminists in Pakistan get online from Pakistani men seeking to shut them up.

From Perverts to Peers | Take Back The Tech 16 days x 16 stories

Islamabad, December 1, 2012: I was 13 when I was molested by my uncle. He was a doctor. That was the last time I complained of any sickness to my parents.


Go Make Me a Sammich! New Tools Old Tactics

Islamabad, November 29, 2012: “The easiest and most common tactic to win a discussion with a woman activist over the Internet is to tell her to ‘Make me a sammich’,” says Sidra*, a

Day 3 | Violence & Mobile Phones | What's the Story?

Islamabad, November 28, 2012: Mobile phones have often been forwarded as an affordable solution to enabling internet access, especially for those from developing.

It's Not YouTube, It's OurTube -... Access Is My Right!

Islamabad, November 27, 2012: Freely accessible and open internet platforms for education, awareness and entertainment are what people turn to when their governments fail to provid