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Chadar Aur Char Diwari: Virtual Edition

Islamabad, December 8, 2012: Online abuse meted out to women, while exposing Pakistani patriarchy and its mindless violence, serves to reinforce the traditional chadar aur chaar diwari mantra. It is time for women to take charge of spaces they live in, both physical and virtual.


She's begging to be raped – Twitterverse for Feminists in Pakistan!

Islamabad, December 03, 2012: ‘She's begging to be raped.’ That's the response that many feminists in Pakistan get online from Pakistani men seeking to shut them up. This is a response from Pakistani men to women merely tweeting about issues related to sexualised violence.


From Perverts to Peers | Take Back The Tech 16 days x 16 stories

Islamabad, December 1, 2012: I was 13 when I was molested by my uncle. He was a doctor. That was the last time I complained of any sickness to my parents.


I was 22 when I went on my first internship at a foreign bank in Karachi. My first work experience in the corporate world was of a pervert boss who would pass sexual remarks at me in front of the entire floor. He did get some giggles.


Go Make Me a Sammich! New Tools Old Tactics

Islamabad, November 29, 2012: “The easiest and most common tactic to win a discussion with a woman activist over the Internet is to tell her to ‘Make me a sammich’,” says Sidra*, an activist for women’s rights in Pakistan. Implying that a woman’s “place is in the kitchen” is perhaps the most over-used tactic meant to discourage and embarrass women human rights activists into submitting.

Day 3 | Violence & Mobile Phones | What's the Story?

Islamabad, November 28, 2012: Mobile phones have often been forwarded as an affordable solution to enabling internet access, especially for those from developing. According to recent research, there are currently 6 million mobile subscribers worldwide, which is equivalent to 87% of the world’s population.

It's Not YouTube, It's OurTube -... Access Is My Right!

Islamabad, November 27, 2012: Freely accessible and open internet platforms for education, awareness and entertainment are what people turn to when their governments fail to provide them the infrastructure and safe spaces to develop into healthy minded individuals, capable of contributing positively to the nation's progress.

Access Is My Right! to Take Back The Tech!

Islamabad, November 26, 2012: Internet filtering and online censorship is increasingly becoming a norm in the country. In the name of national security, war on terror, religious morality and indecency, the Government of Pakistan has been hyperactive in curtailing means of communications, expression and information access over the Internet spanning larger digital communications sphere.


Harassed Online and Nowhere to Go! - Take Back the Tech! 16 days x 16 stories

Islamabad, 25 November 2012: *Farzana was checking her Facebook, as usual, from the school’s computer lab and noticed she had a friend request from one of her female colleagues, *Daniya Habib. She accepted the request and went on to check out her friend’s profile.


A few moments later, she ran off to find Daniya.


Daniya’s profile contained embarrassing fictitious information about her private life, intimate pictures of her with her husband and a number of other fictitious details that cast doubt on her character.


Take Back The Tech! 16 days x 16 stories - Tell. Listen. Act.

Bytes for All, Pakistan and Take Back The Tech: The act of storytelling is transformative. When you tell a story, you are defining the experience. You are naming the actors, narrating the event, framing the values and deciding which details matter. In other words, you are constructing reality. When you listen to a story, you are allowing your point of view to be shifted, and be immersed into another reality. When you listen actively, you are also moved through more profound understanding.